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Real Estate Investing VIP Membership

Your gift of real estate investor training and education is a FREE month's worth of the digital training our VIP members receive!

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 Bookmark THIS page, so you can come back for the goods. You can scroll to the bottom to go to the main website for much more info and training! I'm glad you're a part of the REIO family!

The training below is what our VIP family members get each and every month!

Enjoy a full months worth of materials as my gift to you!


To get this EVERY MONTH, and MUCH more become a VIP member below NOW!

How to Evaluate a Property to Renovate , Flip, or Rehab!

Click on the arrow below, and listen to an hour + session teaching what you will look for when you are wholesaling, or rehabbing/renovating a property to either fix & resell for fast profits, or fix & rent for long term wealth. This is also critical knowledge if you are wholesaling, as it shows you what your buyer will be looking for as well!!

This Month's Guest Expert - Learn how they're closing 2-3 deals a WEEK!

Join me as I interview Florida investors Drew Downs and Jeff Nemeth... Jeff and Drew are literally averaging 2-4 deals a WEEK in their market. This "tell-all" interview tells how they find ALL CASH buyers, how they flip short sales without doing any negotiating, and what they're doing on a daily

basis in their business.  They put a twist on real estate wholesaling that got them nicknamed the "Walmart of Real Estate".  You are going to LOVE this interview!


You can get more info about Drew and Jeff's system here:  http://nickdrewandjeff.com

The Business of Business - Learn to negotiate like a pro! (part 1 of 3) "The Win-Win" negotiation strategy! One quick rule in negotiating is to always think about the other party. No one likes to get undercut or get the short end of the deal, so don’t be the first to do that to others. While you want to get a better deal whether its save more or make more, make sure the other party also sees it as a win-win deal. This skill is important no matter what business you are in, and this is what part 1of this 3 part series teaches: how to go into the win-win equilibrium!


                 Click Below To Listen                       Download WrittenTranscripts 



Checkup From the Neckup - This month we feature an e-book "The Law of Attraction and Your Wealth". Learn how to think like the rich do, to let your subconscious mind bring you wealth! Think it doesn't work? I challenge YOU to try it for 30 days...


This Month's FREE Bonuses -


Marketing, Wholesaling, and More...

Enjoy this 76 minute 2009 interview with my friends Dan Auito and John Ybarra... we talk about marketing, wholesaling, deal evaluation, and making moolah! This is good stuff, Maynard!


Dan has been investing for a LONG time, and John is closing multiple deals monthly! Be ready to take a lot of notes, this is full of "how to's" and action steps, no theory or "maybes".

Commercial Corner...

Terry Hale teaches the beauty of commercial investing.  Add a few zeros to your paycheck! Terry and Nick discuss and kill a lot of the "myths" about commercial investing. You'll learn that commercial properties can be easier to finance than homes, are as easy to find, and can be managed totally "hands off". One commercial deal can literally set you up for life...


"VIP Members Get Real World Tips and Strategies Each Month For Taking Your EXISTING Knowledge And Building a 6-Figure

Real Estate Business Fast... Guaranteed" 

Not already a Real Estate Investor Online "VIP" member? Subscribe now at a special price, and get this training each and every month!

Here's what you'll get, as a new VIP family member...
  • Two or more (usually 3-5) training modules EVERY MONTH, like the modules above. Hours of help from Nick and other real estate experts. Learn many aspects of real estate investing, from passive long-term investing, to flipping properties and making fast cash!    (value: $177.00)
  • One, 30 minute 1 on 1 phone consultation with Nick. Ask questions, evaluate deals... this is a private call for you!  (value: $200.00+)
  • In addition to several real estate training segments, each month we will also feature either "A Checkup from the Neckup", or "The Business of Business"... a training module dedicated to personal development, or business building or management techniques!
  • "24/7" access to Nick on the "VIP ONLY" section of our online message boards and forum. Get the help you need, when you need it. Ask questions, help others, or let Nick help you with your deals!     (priceless)
  • Online access to real estate contracts, templates letters, forms and more!
  • The monthly newsletter "Real Estate Investor OFFLINE" mailed to your home. This newsletter is full of articles, announcements, training, and industry information, written both by Nick and some of the top rated real estate investing trainers and educators in the country!     (value: $47.00)
  • Special bonus offerings and discounts on training, events, and more.
Act NOW and Get These Bonuses - FREE!
  • BONUS #1: Limited time offer... become a Real Estate Investor Online VIP member now, and we'll have our webmaster create you a customized deal-finding website! Pick your color scheme, we'll add your personal info, as well as custom forms included that are filled out by your motivated sellers, that send the property info directly to YOUR e-mail.
    Each site includes a "How to Sell My House Fast" e-book telling sellers     to CALL YOU! (NEVER any fees of ANY kind to you... FREE, as long as you
are a REIO VIP member!) See samples by clicking here! (value $297.00)

  • BONUS #2: A 4 CD set of real estate training modules... hand picked real estate investor training, mailed right to your door!       (value: $196.00)
Bonus CD #1- How to Get Started in Real Estate!
Bonus CD #2- Closing Wholesale Deals Fast!
Bonus CD #3- Mistakes to Avoid as an Investor!
Bonus CD #4- REI Marketing, Finding Great Deals!

Our VIP Program is "The Best Deal in Real Estate!"

The investment for our VIP program has been $87.00 per month for well over a year, (ask our existing members!) and the free bonus website alone can easily have a setup cost cost of $200 by itself... plus any ONE of the training modules (and most months you'll get three or more!) could easily be sold for up to and over $97.00 EACH.


In the past, the only way to get a private consultation with Nick was to join our $1,000 program, and the CD's in the bonus alone are worth MUCH more than the investment...

    ...however, for a limited time, we are accepting a handful of new members for only $47.00/month! (and your investment is guaranteed NEVER to go up, as long as you remain a VIP family member!)

    Regular Cost - $87   Today Only $47

    Or click below NOW, to use your Paypal account!


    For a profit of $19,500!

    "Thanks to Nick & Matt I finally took action and they helped me close my
    first deal for a profit of $19,500!  I have bought every kind of program and
    have attended all kinds seminars, boot camps, and have over analyzed deals to death, but until I was able to have someone hold my hand, nothing was going to happen. 

    They helped me with pricing on a property that was a cross between retail & wholesale and they kept me on track with where, how, and when to market.  Seller tried to sell for six months, my business partner and me sold it in ten days! 

    When the closing almost didn't happen because seller objected to our profit, Nick & Matt were there to help us to communicate with the title company and attorneys.  Each deal is different, and my deal was the side the other gurus don't tell you about. 

    Without Nick & Matt, it probably wouldn't have closed.  They are both a pleasure to work with, and their deal is the best around.  I highly encourage you to take action now!"

    Austin, Texas

    And we'll put our money where our mouth is... we guarantee you'll love our program!

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all, simply say so for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.


    "I think I owe you more..."

    You and Matt did an excellent job. You did not give us theory. However,  we were given  strategies that work in the real world. You also advised us to focus on one type of investment instead trying to be a jack of all trades. That one point allowed me to focus on short sales.
    Your humor made learing a very exciting thing. Your timely response to questions was invaluable. To be honest I think I owe you more.
    I live in a non judicial state (Georgia) and when I posted questions about short sales your answers verified that you are in the game and not just selling theory.
    As far as I know you are the only one who will stay on the phone until every question is answered.

    William M.,
    Atlanta, GA


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