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Real Estate Investing Mastermind

Do You Have "Paralysis of Analysis"?

Are You "Afraid to Talk to Sellers"?

Have Questions About Contracts?

Or Would You Just Do More Deals, Make More Money, and Feel More Confident if You Had a Coach AND a Group of Investors Supporting You?

My Friend and fellow investor,

Do you ever find yourself thinking "I've bought programs, jumped on 'the next best thing', listened to the 'Gurus', and spent a small fortune on "make money in real estate" programs but there's still something missing? Something is holding me back, and I just-don't-know-what-it-is."?

If so, you're certainly NOT alone. Personally, before I found a mentor and joined a Mastermind group here in Chicago many years ago, I felt the same way. Overall, I'm now totally thrilled with the outcome...

But it wasn't always this way of course. I used to drive 90 minutes each way to downtown Chicago to work 6 days a week at a job I didn't like, to make less than I was worth, making someone I didn't particularly care for rich...


 Sound familiar?


My name is Nick Cifonie. I'm a full-time real estate investor, mentor, and coach.  I now live and work at home with my wife, 3 daughters, two dogs, and a 28 year old parrot named "Curley".  I get up when I please, work when I want to, and play when I feel like it. I don't have a boss, a commute, deadlines, or answer to anyone really.


I'm now sitting on my deck writing this letter around 2:00 on a Friday afternoon, watching a handful of birds pecking at seed in one of our feeders... there's a couple of rabbits hopping around as well.

I didn't pretend to be sick, make excuses because I wanted to spend time "chillin'", or have to use a  "vacation day" to take some time working outside of the office. (if you call what we do "work")


I'm working outside on a beautiful day, well...  because I can!

Anyway... this IS NOT one of those letters the "marketing gurus" teach people to write that talk about how great their lives are, and then make you feel like crap about yours so you are motivated to "buy their stuff".

On the contrary, it's the absolute opposite.

In the past, I've worked with and trained other investors as a mentor and coach. What is especially interesting to me, is when the "a-ha moment" comes and they realize this business is really incredibly simple and easy to make a good living in.


It happens when you realize:


  • You can do this too, with only a few things to ensure your success.
  • You need the right training and resources

  • You will need a coach (but only once in a while)

  • You will need a network (this is THE most important)

  • You will need a support team


 Consider this your official invitation to join our
Mogul+ Mastermind group.


This group will be made up of experienced real estate investors, newbies and everyone else in between. It will be more than your typical program that just throws information at you, leaving you on your own to learn and put it to use.. Instead, it will be 100% interactive using a private chat room that's open "24/7", 365 days a year.


The goal of my mastermind group is to help a minimum of 50 people build up their real estate businesses into a sustainable source of income.


So what can you expect from becoming

a "Mogul+" member?


It starts with a one-on-one brainstorming session with me. (I could easily ask for $450 for these alone) In this 30-60 minute call we will discuss the future of your business. Whether you have a business already or you just want to start one, I will help you.

Afterwards you will be joining a community of people working to grow their businesses alongside you. This group will be getting leadership from myself, sometimes my partner Matt, and other people who make their living in the real estate business that I bring around as guests, etc..

This community will also be a network of people that will get to know you and you will get to know them. We'll talk in our custom chat room "24/7", so you can get LIVE help when you need it!

There will be opportunities for joint ventures, partnerships, co-wholesaling, resource swapping, and more. The best way to get really good at this business is to surround yourself with other people who are doing the same thing day in and day out. I'll hook you up with these people.


Because of my friendships and contacts in the "guru" circles, you'll get a 25% dicount to many/most of the available training programs on the market. (when applicable... I'll try my dangdest!) You'll also be invited to special inside training calls and programs/webinars.

Additionally you will get unlimited e-mail support, access to many hours of recorded training modules I've made in the last 4-5 years, (we're bulding a fancy-pants membership site!) real estate contracts, and a quarterly one-on-one coaching call with me.

I'll also host two live group mastermind calls per month where I'll teach a special topic, we'll share ideas and talk shop. You can access these calls either online or by phone. I'll throw in a THIRD live monthly call with a special guest as well, where I'll bring in someone who's making the big bucks to teach (NOT sell) and help take your business to the next level. (these are recorded too, so you can go back and listen or re-listen anytime you like) 

In case the 24/7 chat isn't enough, you'll get access to a private email group as well, if you prefer to ask questions by email, message the whole group at once, or want help finding a special resource.


So to recap:


  • 1 on 1 personal and private coaching call to get you started

  • Unlimited email support when you need help

  • 24/7 chat room where I "hang out" & respond to with priority

  • Private email group to ask questions and interact with members

  • Access to hours of recordings I've made for free! (a $2,000 value)

  • A quarterly live 1 on 1 personal and private consultation call

  • Insider information you won’t normally hear

  • Resources, help and interaction from your peers

  • An instant network of partners you can trust

  • Access to mine and the other member's buyer's lists (when applicable)

  • Two live/interactive training and mastermind calls per month

  • Informal conference calls, meetups and webinars as needed

  • Behind the scenes access to me and my resources

  • A network of like minded people to grow with and challenge you
  • Real estate forms and contracts
  • A third LIVE training call with a guest expert who's killing it
  • A 25% discount to many of the top training programs and systems
I'm sure I'm forgetting something here as well... but if all you got was the chance to ask me a few questions when you needed the help, this membership would be well
worth the price of admission... afterall, we ALL need help from time to time...



In 1727, Ben Franklin founded a group called the Junta; it was a mastermind group. Andrew Carnegie, who became the richest man in the world, believed participating in a mastermind group to be

an essential ingredient for success.


In function, you will become a part of our "Inner Circle"... I'll hold nothing back with my people, we'll learn, earn , and succeed together!  Everyone needs to be a part of a group like this one to focus their success. Without a group of peers and a mentor, you're not doomed to fail, but the odds are certainly stacked AGAINST YOU!

I have been in coaching programs and was disappointed... How is this different?

First of all this is NOT a coaching program. This is a mastermind group which is led by me. Although you will receive coaching and mentorship, that is not what this is entirely about.


I got into real estate after my wife got me a book for Father's Day. I read the book, did some reading online, bought some CD's and a DVD program, went to a few paid events, listened to webinars and teleseminars... basically I spent a small fortune... and after a year I had not done ANY deals.

I was ready to get out of the business! 


It wasn't until I joined a local Mastermind group (that had a membership fee of $7,000... my wife STILL doesn't know how much I put on our credit card, lol!) that I started to actually CLOSE on deals!  Here's the check on my first deal... I "bird dogged" a property I couldn't manage to flip on my own... it's not big, but it opened my eyes and my heart, and I've never looked back!


I went on to do 10+ deals my first year, but only AFTER I attached myself to a mastermind. 


Unfortunately, new investors usually try to "go it alone", and when they realize they need help they spend their money on the wrong things... just like I did when I started.


It’s very difficult to become good at things in a vacuum. It can be done, but I know from my own experience that any time I put a group like this together, it benefits me and the group in ways I never imagined.  


You Don't Need Any More Training Programs!!

Are you tired of looking at every new program, CD, book, DVD and piece of software that comes down the pike, thinking you'll find some "magic button" or "secret" strategy that will change your business?  I've got news for you... as long as you own ONE "how to" program that lays out the mechanics of wholesaling, short sales, lease options, or whatever niche you've decided to make your own, you probably have all you need.

Start networking and working with your peers, and close a real deal. We're here NOW, waiting in the chatroom, ready to help.


After your first "one on one" private consultation with me, you'll know you've made the right choice,

and most likely will have a new outlook, newfound confidence, determination and drive...



For a profit of $19,500!

"Thanks to Nick, I finally took action and they helped me close my
first deal for a profit of $19,500!  I have bought every kind of program and
have attended all kinds seminars, boot camps, and have over analyzed deals to death, but until I was able to have someone hold my hand, nothing was going to happen. 

They helped me with pricing on a property that was a cross between retail & wholesale and they kept me on track with where, how, and when to market.  Seller tried to sell for six months, my business partner and me sold it in ten days! 

When the closing almost didn't happen because seller objected to our profit, Nick was there to help us to communicate with the title company and attorneys.  Each deal is different, and my deal was the side the other gurus don't tell you about. 

Without Nick, it probably wouldn't have closed. I highly encourage you to take action now!"

Austin, Texas

How often is the chat room open?

The chat room never closes! I'll be monitoring the chat most anytime I'm in my office... which is a LOT. Also, my partner Matt will be around, and my assistant will likely hang out and let me know if someone needs anything as well. There may be times it may be quieter as we are ramping up the program, but eventually it'll have people in it "24/7".

When it comes to me, I will be available for a minimum of 20 hours per week. The average will be more like 40 to 60 hours per week though, because if I'm not working, I'm usually at my desk playing a computer game or just browsing. For me, this chat room takes top priority in my conversations, so if you have a question, I will most likely be there to answer it for you. (if not, you can use the email application as well)


Many times I'll simply turn on the camera or microphone and explain the answer too... it's so much easier than typing, and I can explain myself so much better.

What would you expect membership dues
to be for
a group like this?

 Most real estate mentors who have personal interaction with their clients (anything besides an ocassional email or forum post) charge their clients $1,000-$2,000 or more a month for limited personal access. Actually, that's on the LOW end, most charge $10,000 or more up-front, then meet once a week by phone or something similar. I'm SURE you've seen these programs pitched at seminars.

Actually, I could easily show you plenty of REAL examples with the above costs right now with a few website links, but I don't think my colleagues would appreciate it, lol. 


In truth, what matters is not what it costs, but what it costs NOT to get the help you need...


I'm sure I could sell an hour of my time by phone for $350-$400 and keep myself busy, or charge $2,000 to have people come to my office and watch us work for a day... not a bad idea really, lol!


I only have one rule for this group, and that is to have fun and DO the things people and I suggest. If you are looking for a place to crab and complain about the past, this won't be for you. We are all serious investors, but like to have a good time as well.  


As you probably know, this is a new program and you'll be one of the first ever "Mogul+" mastermind members! If you're REAL quick you might be "the" first... 


The investment WILL eventually be $447 or $497.00 a month... quite frankly, because I expect to spend a lot of time helping you...

Anyway, until the first 40 spots are taken, the investment will only be $387 monthly. I want to give the people who have been loyal to me in the past the 1st opportunity and a chance to take advantage. After that, I'll announce it formally and market it a lot harder. (right now the only people that know about it are the current "REIO" members)

Your first call with me is worth double to triple that, and you'll get three training calls per month and access to so much more as well. The value you get from this group will be worth at LEAST 10X that or more.

I will be raising this price shortly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


On that note, my wife just got done bbq'ing some chicken that I've been sitting here smelling on the grill... so I'm off to eat!

Your friend and fellow investor,


Nick Cifonie

PS- Since I'm offering this at a fraction of what it's worth, and I will give hours of my time to members, I can't offer a 30 or 60 day guarantee. However, join us, and if after 7 days you're not fully satisfied I'll refund your $... however, I highly doubt you'll be going anywhere.  :)



In addition, join us during our special start-up period, and you can include a friend, spouse, or partner at half price!

(send us an email with the name of your guest and we'll send you a special link)

 Limited Time Offer - Regular Dues $387.00.mo 

Limited Time Special Offer Only $267.00.00/Month

(investment will never increase as long as I remain a member)

Click Below NOW if You Prefer to Use Paypal


"I think I owe you more..."

You and did an excellent job. You did not give us theory. However,  we were given  strategies that work in the real world. You also advised us to focus on one type of investment instead trying to be a jack of all trades. That one point allowed me to focus on short sales.
Your humor made learing a very exciting thing. Your timely response to questions was invaluable. To be honest I think I owe you more.
I live in a non judicial state (Georgia) and when I posted questions about short sales your answers verified that you are in the game and not just selling theory.
As far as I know you are the only one who will stay on the phone until every question is answered.

William M.,
Atlanta, GA